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Home Disclaimer


Avner Broker Private Limited finds it necessary to inform you that our Directors or staff members are not responsible for any kind of loss in your investment. All the tips and tricks shared by the members of this company are safe, true and are acquired from years of experience but if you face any kind of loss or if the growth of your profit is not as fast as you wish it should be, in such case we wish you to cooperate with us despite creating a “blame on” situation.

Hard work, experience, trust, understanding, and friendly nature are used for the basic foundation of the company, as a responsible guide it is our duty to inform you that our tips and tricks is to guide you and give you a proper knowledge about commodities and stock marketing but your loss or gains are irrespective of us. Along with great marketing skills, capitals and experiences stock market also demands patience; unusual happenings like poor network or internet are not our field of concern and therefore, the company should not be blamed on such issues. We cannot assure you about a fixed or a huge return on your investment as the increase or decrease in shares are not in our hands.

The gain or loss you will have depends 50% on our tips and tricks and 50% at your own risk. Avner Broker Private Limited assures to provide you a helping hand, in form of advice, from our side and wish that you cooperate with us to keep the relationship between the ‘company and clients’ go healthy and smooth.